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B&G systems have been at the leading edge of advanced marine electronics for over 50 years. B&G prides itself in providing nothing but the highest standard of products and services. Ambitious technical achievements and thoroughly tried and tested solutions have been the company's trademark. B&G is used by the best sailors in the world.

Brand: B&G Model: 74631
H60 Wireless HandsetH60 is a wireless handset for the V60 VHF radio.  H60 duplicates the radios display and controls, enabling remote control access to all key functions.Wireless Control of your Fixed-Mount VHFThe H60 handset offers remote control of your fixed-mount V60 VHF radio. Make calls, scrol..
Brand: B&G Model: 72881
Suncover for Triton2 DisplayKeep your unit protected from the elements with this display cover...
Brand: B&G Model: 86156
Suncover for Triton2 Pilot & OP12 Pilot ControllerProtect your Triton² Pilot/OP12 controller with this sun cover..
Brand: B&G Model: 86824
Wind Speed Cups for All ModelsWind speed cup spare for all models wind sensors. Includes mounting nut...
Brand: B&G Model: 78138
WS300 MHU Speed BearingReplacement wind speed bearing for WS300 series wind sensors.Features:Fits both WS310 and WS320..
Brand: B&G Model: 78148
WS300 Series 20M Cable - 65'Features:Wired cable for WS310 65'20M..
Brand: B&G Model: 78149
WS300 Series 35M Cable - 115'Features:Wired cable for WS310 115"35M..
Brand: B&G Model: 64538
Zeus3 9" Multifunction Display with Insight ChartsUpdated Features:Advanced WindPlotC-MAP® Easy Routing and Navionics® Autorouting supportEasy-to-interpret C-MAP Navigation PaletteAdvanced WindPlot: provides users with a clearer view of wind trends, easier comparison of True Wind Speed (TWS) to True..
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