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Brand: Navico Model: 58901
4-Way Block for NMEA 2000 NetworksNavico's 4-Way Block accessory for NMEA 2000 Networks should be used wheremultiple drop-cables are required in close proximity to make a morecost-effective and streamlined solution compared to installations that usemultiple T-connectors...
Brand: Navico Model: 66670
9-Pin Black to 7-Pin Blue Adapter Cable f/XID TransducersConnects XSONIC Transducers to 7-Pin Blue UnitsUse with Airmar Chirp transducers..
Brand: Navico Model: 84319
9-Pin High Speed Skimmer Transducer 83/200 kHz9-Pin High Speed Skimmer M/H PK ASY: 83/200 kHz transom-mount skimmer depth/temp - Black 9 pin connector.Features:Transom TransducerHigh Speed Skimmer83/200kHz with Temp9-Pin Connector..
Brand: Navico Model: 64409
Adapter 7-Pin Blue Transducer to a 9-Pin Black UnitFeatures:Connects legacy 7-Pin Blue Transducer to a 9-Pin Black UnitSonic Connector Transducer Adapter CableCompatible With:HDS Gen3Elite-Ti SeriesNSS evo2GO XSE SeriesSonarHub™..
Brand: Navico Model: 60561
Dual Transducer Extension 10' Cable - 12-Pin - for StructureScan 3DDual 10' - 12-Pin Transducer Cables..
Brand: Navico Model: 60037
Flat Mount Bracket f/StructureScan 3D Ducer & TotalScan Ducer3D Transducer Flush Mount Bracket is used to flush mount the transducer under the boats Hull. Suits TotalScan and 3D Transom Transducers..
Brand: Navico Model: 59195
HDI SSkimmer Low/High 83/200/455/800kHz Transom Mount 9-Pin Transducer9-Pin Transom Mount TransducerHDI Skimmer transducer 83/200/455/800kHz with built in temp. Includesmounting bracket and hardware. Cable Length 6M (20')Hybrid Dual Imaging (HDI) transducer (83/200/455/800) - The power of twoaward-w..
Brand: Navico Model: 60977
Long Stem ForwardScan™ Transducer w/Sleeve Plug & Fairing BlockForwardScan™ Sonar is the ideal forward looking two dimensional echo-sounder for all power and sail boats that want safety and peace of mind that comes with knowing the depth of the water ahead of the boat. Unlike other Forward-look..
Brand: Navico Model: 66316
Mounting Bracket f/GO9 & Vulcan 9; NSS7 and ZEUS7Gimbal mounting bracket for Simrad GO9 & B&G Vulcan 9; NSS7 and ZEUS7..
Brand: Navico Model: 83689
Mounting U-Bracket for Simrad GO7, GO7xsr, B & G Vulcan 7 & Vulcan 7RFeatures:U-Bracket, GimbalFor Simrad GO7 and B & G Vulcan 7..
Brand: Navico Model: 73213
NMEA 2000 - 2M CableNMEA 2000 Micro-C Medium duty cable. 2M (6.5 ft) Low loss 18 gauge cable recommended for network backbone runs...
Brand: Navico Model: 73214
NMEA 2000 Cable - 6MFeatures:Length: 6MNMEA 2000 Cable..
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