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Siren Marine

Brand: Siren Marine Model: 83190
Siren Marine Audible AlarmThe Siren Marine audible alarm produces a powerful beeping sound (105 decibels). The alarm can be connected to one of the outputs on the MTC, which will allow it to be turned on and off from the "switching" section of the Siren Marine App. It can also be mapped to specific ..
Brand: Siren Marine Model: 75690
Battery Power Cord - 7'*only works with MTCThe Battery Power Cable allows you to connect your MTC to an additional battery. Includes inline 5 amp fuse to defend against battery shortage.Features:7' Power Cable5 Amp Inline Fuse..
Brand: Siren Marine Model: 85429
Battery Sensor for Siren 3Monitor battery voltage with the Wireless Battery Sensor, and never worry about a dead battery again. Attach the Battery Connector to one of the boat’s batteries and plug the other end into the Wireless Module. Link the module to the Siren 3 Pro and receive alerts if the ba..
Brand: Siren Marine Model: 85431
Bilge Pump Sensor for Siren 3The Wireless Bilge Pump Sensor monitors bilge pump activity, including run time and daily cycles. Attach the Bilge Pump Connector to the bilge pump and plug the other end into the Wireless Module. Link the module to the Siren 3 Pro and receive alerts if the bilge pump ex..
Brand: Siren Marine Model: 85432
Entry Sensor for Siren 3Receive instant notifications if there is unauthorized entry on the boat. Perfect for securing lockers, doors, and hatches. Install the Wireless Module on one side of the door or locker and the Open/Close Magnet on the other side. Link to the Siren 3 Pro and receive alerts wh..
Brand: Siren Marine Model: 86032
External GPS Antenna for Siren 3 Pro Includes 10' CableOptimize GPS tracking of your boat with the External GPS Antenna. When you remotely mount the External GPS Antenna, the Siren 3 Pro will override the use of the internal GPS antenna.*Compatible with the Siren 3 Pro ONLY..
Brand: Siren Marine Model: 85430
High Water Sensor for Siren 3The Wireless High-Water Sensor detects if there is water in the bilge and sends an alert to the Siren Marine App if water has risen above the preset level. Mount the Water Probe at the desired height in the bilge and plug the other end into the Wireless Module. Link the ..
Brand: Siren Marine Model: 82546
MTC NMEA 2000 Interface Cable*for MTC onlyThe NGT-1-MTC allows users to connect their MTC to the onboard NMEA 2000 electronics backbone. This enables the MTC to pull valuable engine data, including hours, fuel consumption, and basic fault codes. Users will also be able to access real time fuel, wate..
Brand: Siren Marine Model: 66687
PAM4 Wired DC RelayThe Siren Marine DC Accessory Relay allows users to control any 12v onboard devices, such as A/C, deck or spreader lights, sirens, or strobe lights.Dimensions: 1.5x0.75x1.19in (box) 11.3in (wire)Relay may be energized across a wide voltage range from 9VDC to 32VDC.Ideal for 12VDC ..
Brand: Siren Marine Model: 75692
Shore Power Relay - 240VThe 240VAC Shore Power Relay is used to detect presence and loss of AC shore power. The relay is meant to be hardwired directly to your AC distribution panel. This relay is the hard wired alternative to the Siren Marine Shore Power Sensor Plug for boats with 240VAC systems.Fe..
Brand: Siren Marine Model: 85426
Siren 3 Pro Main DeviceFeatures:Providing the ultimate smart boating experience that keeps you connected to your boat 24/7, regardless of boat size, type or useThe Siren 3 Pro provides the modern boating experience by going beyond basic marine GPS, radar & radio solutions to complement your multi-fu..
Brand: Siren Marine Model: 82837
SirenSat Offshore Antenna with 2M Power Cable**Requires SirenSat Offshore Subscription (sold separately)Using the Globalstar Network of Satellites, the SirenSat Offshore Antenna allows users to track their boat, even after it leaves cellular coverage.  With Global coverage. boat owners who keep thei..
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