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Stair Climbers & Steppers

Brand: Unbranded for Savings Model: SP35356
It is time to enjoy exercise indoor and outdoor with the exerciser black and blue aerobic pedals.   It can sculpt your entire body step by step with the step workout system. The step workout is a simple but highly effective way to work not only your buttocks and legs but your cardiovascular system..
Brand: Unbranded for Savings Model: SP35358
The stepper is highly recommended when you want to keep fit and enjoy your professional aerobic step exercise.   The stepper is ideal for work out classes or regular home use. Either at home or in the office you can invite your friends or family to take exercise together to keep healthy and fit. Th..
Brand: Unbranded for Savings Model: SP36334
This climbing machine performs good for all-body exercise which allows you to exercise your arms ABS and legs.   Four adjustable height to ensure you get the all-round various upper and lower body workouts. With this adjustable design it is also safe to prevent injury for beginners. This climbing..
Brand: Unbranded for Savings Model: SP35920
This is the pedal exerciser which can hellp you burn calories and tone muscles.   The simple design and portable size is great for any sedentary activity whether that includes under a desk at the office or while watching your favorite TV show! The adjustable resistance can switch from low impact to..
Brand: Unbranded for Savings Model: SP35482
The mini stepper is an essential fitness device in your house. It's compact and lightweight enough to give you a full body workout from anywhere in your home or office.   The mini stepper provides a great workout with very little money and it not only saves money but also is space saving. The resi..
Brand: Unbranded for Savings Model: SP35738
This fun stepper uses a small inward motion (stepping in) of the legs while the hips rotate slightly making this stepper effectively target the inner and outer thighs.   Target and shape your glutes and quads while increasing your cardiovascular fitness. It has been proven working the large muscle..
Brand: Unbranded for Savings Model: SP36559
This stepper makes it easy and convenient to do some useful exercise and burn those extra calories while watching television reading a book or working on your computer.   Designed with two large non-slip textured pedals to secure your feet. The pedal motion track is elliptical which simulates the..
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